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Another Tree Dance is a solo performance bearing an occult relation to my dissertation on Ralph Waldo Emerson, anatomy, glittering, natural history, transmission and reception, sleep sides, and first person strangeness.

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Listen to a distilled audio version, aired on Australian Broadcast Network's sound art program, Soundproof.

Created in conversation with Sara Smith.
Set by Luke Hegel-Cantarella
Light by Kathy Couch

Preview July 27, 2013. Mt Tremper Arts, NY.
Premiere October 2-5, 2013. The Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY.

Images below by Brian Rogers.


A preview on TDF by Eliza Bent

A Performance Club response by Claudia La Rocco

An interview-response by Eric Conroe on Culturebot.

"It utterly bewitched me" wrote Elizabeth Zimmer, here.

"The following is what I experienced. A sensation of expectant awareness, excited stillness, and a pervasive, overwhelmingly unnameable foreboding which resulted not in fear but in acceptance. Basically, what I would call a rare and enhanced state of consciousness, achievable through unreproducible (unsellable, unfilmable, untouchable) constellations of light, movement, and language, wherein most any feat of empathetic mental flexibility is possible." -- Eric Conroe