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#squadgoals item on the Blacklips Performance Cult for Hilobrow

Transcript of my presentation for "After the Show" event at the Segal Center, Nov. 2013 (Also published in Theater journal 44:3 in the "After the Show" special section.)

Microreview of Tatsumi Hijikata's Costume en Face for The Boston Review

A review of Julie Carr's Rag, for The Boston Review

HiLo Hero item: Ralph Waldo Emerson

HiLo Hero item: Rudolph Von Laban

Interview of Kristen Kosmas on BOMBlog about her recent performance, There There

"This Theater is a Strange Hole: Mac Wellman's Poetics of Apparence" in Postmodern Culture 2009

I, Heapist (oldskool manifesto from lemur days)