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COMMUNITY PLAYWRITING WORKSHOP w/ simultaneous remote pop-up version

July 15-19, 9:30-12 at 33 Hawley St, Northampton MA

A 5-day structure for writing something new from scratch, modeled on a highly compressed version of the intro to playwriting classes I’ve been teaching. Even though I’m personally a weirdo in re the general habits of the american theater, this structure does not determine anything about what kind of play it affords. It moves through generative, architectural and re-weaving sessions. This is grounded in the form of playwriting but is equally useful for writing a short story or script of another kind. It draws from theater thinking especially for attending to voice, tempo, and spatial thinking.

Each day will consist of a warmup followed by structured approaches to the emerging piece of writing. It also works for stories, essays, radio scripts, and comix texts. If you drop in later in the sequence, I'll have public domain text available to play with.

Remote pop-up version is distributed via newsletter. Sign up at

a landscape operetta/animation populated by bench-sitters, kaijus, battle planes, pencil tree farms, fountains, dancers, and streetlights.
in-progress showing
Saturday July 20 7pm
33 Hawley St. Northampton, MA