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A Tunnel Year is a three-part book with a play at its center, built from a few years’ worth of interrupted thoughts crammed into one-line scenes voiced by animals. Germinated in the Bardo of parenthood and compelled to work in the form of the fragment, it asks: Did I escape? Or am I lost?

It was installed as a walk-though book, and also performed as a live radio play (to be mixed down and posted eventually) at The Chocolate Factory Theater in Long Island City, Queens, Dec. 3-11 2016, and will be remounted at A.P.E. Gallery in Northampton, MA, in May 2018.

Listen to the very long scene from the CF performance in 2016. Mostly Kate Benson and Johnny Gasper, but you can hear Caleb Bark and the beginning, and me and Julia Sirna-Frest at the end.

karinne keithley syers · The Very Long Scene

It was revived as a book with audio for Post Theatrical, a wave of plays by post. I still have a half-box of books left. Email me if you want one eh.

The play was developed at New Dramatists with Caleb Bark, Kate Benson, John Gasper and Julia Sirna-Frest, who helped give it voice from its earliest fragments, and in conversation with Erin Courtney and Barbara Hammond.

Images from the installation. Photos by Brian Rogers.