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I'm slowly filling out this website and haven't yet created archives of many of these projects. Images and artifacts will slowly drift into place. Miscellanous Videos below.

A Tunnel Year (2016)
Studies for Untitled Prairie Trilogy (2015)
Another Tree Dance (2013)
Montgomery Park, or Opulence (2010)
Do Not Do This Ever Again (2008)
For Every Spot Appeared to Be Wholly Occupied by What Once Had Been (2007)
I'm a Plant (2006-7)
ASTRS (2005,2008)
Some Things Cease (2006)
Tenderenda, or The Restrain Refrain (2005)

For Every Spot...
performed by me and Taryn Griggs and Jeff Larson

an overhead performance of Part 3 of Do Not Do This Ever Again

I'm a Plant, Part 1
(live, this was performed as a video with some of the singing live, harmonizing with myself recorded)

I'm a Plant, Part 2
(NB this video is from the performance; the song at the end is supposed to have another vocal line sung live but all that's on the video is the very high part.)

ASTRS promo imageASTRS promo image

Drawn by Sara Smith for show at Dixon Place, spring 2006

Tree study for TenderendaTree study for Tenderenda

Lady Urstival, 2004
R to L: Erin Owen, Eleanor Bauer, Mindy Nelson