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I tend to keep a lot of projects slowly in process, all moving slowly on long arcs and wave paths.

A memory hole in the form of a playable junkyard. Sitting somewhere between maze, puzzle game and interactive fiction. Excavations into the question of what we carry forward. A midlife ghost communion. Avatars of younger selves. YGB is a text housed inside the architecture of a video game, and in that housing, turned toward play. Stranded by songs. The text was developed with actor friends. I'm now building the video game in Unreal Engine. Then it will be reverse-engineered into a lo-fi concert version of the game to premiere September 2024. Collaborators: Brooke O'Harra (directing the live version), Kate Benson, Aviva Jane, John Gasper (performing the concert version and also voicing parts in the game), Sara Walsh (designing the set/environments of the game and re-engineering them for the concert).

A novella or an experimental text on the edge of a fiction. To be housed in a book form. Currently seeking a home, it was written for and in the calendar year 2022 as a way of being in writing. A way to be writing.

A short film made in collaboration with director Maureen Towey, performers K.J. Holmes and Kate Benson, and cinematographer Tori Lawrence. A visitation, the season of visitation, a saint card for the dead. Currently in post-production but oh so nearly finished.

is an oratorio-incantation, written by me and currently being composed as a piece for six voices by the luminous Alaina Ferris. You can find the draft script on the plays page, under writing. Watch an apartment recording of a portion of Part 5, from January 2019. Premiering 2024.

A companion piece to ASTRS (2005). An interstellar radio show with your host, the astro-gardener Augustine C. Rabbit. Grief and boredom. Totally nascent. Headlessness and headlessness. I mean, who knows. Written for Kate Benson.

A short libretto I wrote in 2015 after spending a week in a park in Seattle with Jennifer Monson. Speculative, slightly dimensionally askew variation of Cal Anderson park. Libretto in landscape tradition. I set it for two voices and did some experimental animations back in July 2019, and have gone back to the drawing board to re-compose the music.

A new play with its being in the vicinity of political questions, political silence, political bodies, political promises, but probably not in the way you imagine a play in that vicinity would be like. What should I do with this play? I don't think it will ever be staged. Was it an exercise? Should it be a graphic novel? Should it be raided for parts? If you have an idea, let me know.

is a libretto for chamber opera developed in collaboration with composer Brendan Connelly and Netta Yerushalmy. It became a songless movement cycle with projected lyrics, performed by Barbie Diewald and Meredith Bove in a workshop performance in January 2020. It then got partially on its way to becoming a riso book of drawings of Barbie, Meredith, Netta, and me dancing. Maybe one day it will regain its songs. The thing is mostly about grass. So - exciting.