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hover and you shall be shown the communicating hallway

Pelagic School, a giant archive of prompts and self-guided workshops and readings and thing I wrote to help writing get written.

all the writing I've done over the years for Hilobrow: short items on important-to-me thinkers and artists, and my serialized novella LINDA. The sound links no longer work at Hilobrow, but all the tracks are archived here under the audio tab.

Transcript of my presentation for "After the Show" event at the Segal Center, Nov. 2013 (Also published in Theater journal 44:3 in the "After the Show" special section.)

Microreview of Tatsumi Hijikata's Costume en Face for The Boston Review

A review of Julie Carr's Rag, for The Boston Review

HiLo Hero item: Ralph Waldo Emerson

HiLo Hero item: Rudolph Von Laban

Interview of Kristen Kosmas on BOMBlog about her recent performance, There There

"This Theater is a Strange Hole: Mac Wellman's Poetics of Apparence" in Postmodern Culture 2009

I, Heapist (oldskool manifesto from lemur days)